Recommended Gear

While all necessary gear is provided during the Neuling Course for beginners you may wish to purchase your own equipment. The following items are recommended as your first purchases, with an emphasis placed on mask and gloves before purchasing a sword.


AF Basic HEMA Fencing Mask

The Absolute Force (AF) Basic HEMA Fencing Mask is an excellent choice for a first mask. It is inexpensive but has a sturdy construction which is not damaged easily. An overlay with back of the head protection is highly recommend .

SPES Unity Overlay

Back of the head protection is very important, especially during sparring and competitive play. While not required it his highly recommended that an overlay such as this one be used, other options are available as well.


Competition Level Hand Protection

The Sparring Gloves

Two styles are suggested, either the Mitten or Hoof. Providing a high level of protection with light weight these gloves are acceptable for competitive fencing as well as in club sparring. They may cause some techniques to be more difficult to perform. Note that the 5 Finger version is not recommended.

SPES Heavy Gauntlets

Protecting the hands with heavy plastic plates the SPES Heavy Gauntlets live up to their name. They provide excellent protection however are somewhat bulky and heavy. However if minimizing any damage to the hand is a priority then these are an excellent choice.

Sparring Level Hand Protection

Lynx Tournament Gloves

While the name of these gloves indicate that they are for use in tournaments this is not recommended for beginners. However they are very acceptable to meet the requirements for sparring in club and are the least expensive option that will also provide adequate hand protection.


Training Swords

VB Technique Feder

The VB Technique Feder is highly recommended as a first training sword. It handles very similar to a real sword and has a price point that is hard to beat. It is also available with a disc pommel.

Blackfencer Steel Generation Line Longswords

Blackfencer makes a line of steel swords that are excellent as well. Any of their longswords are recommended, note that any order placed through their website will be completed by South Coast Swords.

Competition Swords

While it is not suggested that a competition style sword be your first purchase they are a must if you intend to compete in events.

Regenyei Federschwert

The HEMA Standard. While there are other excellent competition style federschwert this manufacturer has a long history of excellence.

Sharp Swords

Coldsteel Hand and a Half

An excellent entry level cutter, can be purchased from South Coast Swords for very reasonable prices.

Valiant Armory Austrian War Sword

An excellent cutter and good 2nd sharp. Will need to be sharpened before use.


Highly recommended manufacturer of sharp longswords, before ordering speak with an instructor.

Arms and Armor

Highly recommended manufacturer of sharp longswords, before ordering speak with an instructor.