Sacramento Freifechter
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Sacramento Freifechter
Historical Fencing and European Martial Arts

Sacramento Freifechter

3349 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95816



The Sacramento Freifechter is a Historical Fencing and European Martial Arts School located in Sacramento, CA. Our training focuses on the material presented by Joachim Meyer in his revolutionary work of 1570. We combine modern fencing pedagogy and educational theory with historical fencing techniques, always striving to improve their understanding of the realities of combat.

Our classes include instruction on primary weapons outlined in Meister Meyer's work, the Dussack, Longsword and Sidesword/Rapier.  The Sacramento Freifechter are a part of the  Meyer Freifechter Guild and a HEMA Alliance Affiliate. Our mission is to spread knowledge of Historical Fencing and European Martial Arts, if you would like to know more or schedule us to perform a demo at your event, please contact us


Affiliated Organizations

HEMA Alliance — The largest HEMA organization in the United States.

Meyer Freifechter Guild — Dedicated to the work of Joachim Meyer, the MFFG is the largest organization in the world focused researching, understanding and teaching his work.

NorCal Historical Fencing League — Northern California's first and only Historical Fencing tournament league. 



Founded in 2012 the Sacramento Freifechter began as so many HEMA clubs do, with a couple of people meeting in the park to practice. We rapidly gained members and in 2013 moved to our location at the Historic Sacramento Turn Verein. Since then we have been growing as a school, improving our training and training methods. Our instructors regularly travel to events around the country to increase their understanding of Historical Fencing and how to better teach it to our students. 





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